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The completely GORGEOUS website was produced for Film Australia's Educational Production Initiative by Tantamount Productions

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Production Credits

for the Production Team:



Rob Wellington,
Tantamount Productions


Writer & Art Director:

Kaz Cooke



Bronwyn Lapham


Animation Conversion:

Maree Woolley


Copy Editor:

Kirsten Alexander



Study Modules devised by Kaz Cooke and the Australian Teachers of Media (ATOM)

Coordinator: Peter Tapp
Writers: Julianne Dennett, Kaz Cooke,
Libby Tudball, Fiona Wood


For Film Australia...


Executive Producer (Education): Chris Warner
Production Coordinator (Education): Aida Innocente
Production Secretary: Michelle Clarke
Marketing & Distribution: Lucy Milne, Kirsten Tilgals, Jacqui Stone,
Kym Druitt, Jackson Pellow
Accounting: David Stalder


For Film Australia...

Lee Burton, Lesley Shorne


© Copyright Film Australia 2005



completely GORGEOUS the web site
is based on
‘totally GORGEOUS the CD-ROM’






Rob Wellington
Tantamount Productions P/L

Kaz Cooke


Line Producer
Christina Pozzan
Buona Notte Film Productions


Luke Wigley
(Head coder)

Minty Hunter
Rob Wellington
Ruth Luxford

Kiera Poelsma

Additional Layout
Rebekah Farr


Original Music by
Paul Hester

Additional music composed
and performed by
John Clifforth

Noel Crombie
John Clifforth
Paul Hester
Joe Camilleri
B Fats Stockley
Michael Barker

Sound Engineer
B Fats Stockley
The Lodge



Production Managers
Minty Hunter
Jo Wellington



Film Australia Unit
Production manager - Frank Haines
Marketing executive - Kaye Warren
Production secretary - Jeannine Baker


Ponch Hawkes

Sound Recordist
Leigh Owen



Games Devised by
Rob Wellington and Kaz Cooke






Kirke Godfrey

Digital Video Transfer
Planet X
Minty Hunter

A full list of credits for ‘GORGEOUS’
can be seen at the end of the animated film.
To see the film, choose ”video”
from the main menu


Thank you to

The Hiser Consulting Group    St Michael‘s Secondary College
and Northcote Secondary College    Bella Cosmetics
Miriam Berenson Designs    Olympic Fitness Equipment
Griff Clemens     Brenda Todd    Pinky    Geoff Elwood

Lorin Clarke    Rachelle Burke     Mia Reilly     Emily Johns

Gail Davidson    Dee Mason    Trudy Hayler     Penny Hueston
Sue Thompson    Nell Poelsma     Helga Birgden
Phoebe Montague    Catherine Rocca    Nicole Manifold
Sophonn Som    Jade Purtell    Jessica Whyte    Krystina Sajeba
Maria Ardis     Dee-Ann Hegarty     Maryann Dahman
Melissa Magu     Helena Sverdlin     Anabelle Waldron
Ranjani Padmanabhan    Jessica Reardon    Tara Dimond
Hannah Langmead    Martina Tuohey     Sarah Reardon
Kalinda Ashton    Susan Bois    Melissa Juhanson
Fiona Wood    Sally Clarke    Jackie Schulz
Jessica Russell    Cecilia Davis    Sofia Rallis

Paul Chow     Angela Howard



'Behind the Scenes'

Camera Operator
Rob Wellington

Video Editor
Minty Hunter

Peter Bennetts

Make up and Hair Artiste
Nikki Clarke

Styliste (Clothes)
Trevor Stones

Image Manipulationiste
Rebekah Farr

Post Production Facilities
Global Vision

'The Thigh Quiz'

Hermoine the Modern Girl
Judith Lucy

Gareth the Game Show Host
Andrew Goodone




Teaching Notes
Julianne Dennett   Kaz Cooke
Libby Tudball   Fiona Wood

Study Guide Co-ordinator
Peter Tapp


Text, Cartoons, Art Direction
Kaz Cooke



totally GORGEOUS the CD ROM

is based on the book Real Gorgeous
published in Australia by Allen and Unwin


Executive Producer
Sharon Connolly


A National Interest Program Production


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Copyright 1995
Film Australia
& Kaz Cooke